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AMI Stewarding Council USA

The AMI Stewarding Council USA was formed as a result of the AMI Summit USA to better facilitate the working of the Association Montessori Internationale across the formal and informal Montessori communities in the United States.  It comprises representatives of all our major stakeholders.  Its overall aim is to signiciantly increase access to quality Montessori programs for more children, families and communities.


  • Strategic action leading to greater impact for children in the United States
  • Mobilization of resources at all levels of AMI
  • A united and clear AMI voice in the USA
  • A culture of transparency and openness
  • Responsibility to children and our larger AMI community

Funding and Enterprise
The goals are to swiftly locate – while working toward sustaining - funders to leverage our collective work to support the initiatives identified within this document and others as they develop.
The intent is to keep Montessori in the US as a quality, authentic experience while inventing and developing creative and fresh aspects and elements to the work, supporting young and enthusiastic teachers and friends of Montessori.
Goals include maintaining connection and coordination between our selves and with one another, as well as with potential partners, advocates, agencies, and funders.
Adolescent Development
Goals include continued articulation of curriculum, outcomes, and social orientation at adolescent level; and support and expansion of orientation of adolescent practitioners.
Montessori Outcomes
A collective and comprehensive effort to document guidelines and processes related to records, reports, curricula, measurement, and assessment.
Teacher Training
This work is in response to demand for quality teacher training with the goals of coordinating courses, study and recommendations related to logistical operations, and developing the relationship between US training centers and states for the purposes of accreditation and certification.